Chijindu Chukwunomnso Ijomah

13-year-old Chijindu Chukwunomnso Ijomah has autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Besides this introduction, Chijindu is an amazing athlete and artist. Chijindu has learned the proper path and stroke for his brushes as well as for his creativity after studying under Funso Omojola and Olayemi Olamilekan, respectively.

Chijindu’s paintings stand out when the works of great artists are on display not only because of his unique approach to art and artistic endeavors and the exceptional quality of his works, but also because all of this originality and beauty is the result of incredibly difficult, challenging, and seemingly impossible tasks.
Along with painting, Chijindu had grown to love the piano as well. Within a year, Chijindu has gone from playing random keys to playing really interesting melodies, thanks to special moments spent with his piano teachers at MasterVibz Academy, led by Mr. Benedict Okoekhian. He would not miss his piano classes for anything in the world.

Chijindu enjoys swimming in the pool when he is not painting or creating music. With a personal best of 20 rounds in a row in the 50 meter standard pool at Teslim Balogun Stadium, Chijindu is being considered for the Olympics in the appropriate category. Chijindu’s life as an artist and athlete revolves around these three fascinating endeavors. Along with these traits, he is a typical student who is committed to his studies. His learning activities are focused on speech therapy and all other special education requirements. Both his teachers and his classmates like him. Please take a peek into Chijindu’s art collections. These works of art honor the imagination of a young child, the perseverance that defies all odds, and the love, support, and care of a single mother.