Damiloju Yomi-Adeyemi

Damiloju Yomi-Adeyemi is a 17 year old artist. The 2nd of 3 children, Dami was diagnosed with autism at 4. She has always been a happy child with bouts of hyperactivity, which, thankfully, have now been controlled. Dami’s love for creative arts was discovered at her school, Manna Children’s Centre. Her interests in art and music, in addition to constant intervention in speech and cognition, motor skill development, nutrition and occupational therapy have helped her build independence and abilities to adequately cope in our world.

Dami spends a good number of hours weekly, painting and playing the piano. She has recently added the violin to her list of instruments and is breaking barriers. Dami still needs a lot of speech clarity and cognition, but it’s very rewarding for her to find her niche and hone her talent as she continues to express herself artistically.