Daniel Ayomikun Okolie

Daniel Ayomikun Okolie, was born 3rd October 2003, 19years ago, he is the 2nd child  in a family of 3 children. 
His birth was normal or so his parents thought until he was diagnosed with autism at age 4. Daniel, spent his early years as a non-verbal introverted child. He later underwent speech development, motor skill development and several emotional control techniques at Patrick Speech and Language Center to help him blend into a neurotypical world. 

Contrary to his parents expectations, it was discovered that Art and Music were his passion and that was all he wanted to do, with his surroundings and his family.  He was then integrated into regular school to help him cope with other people and his environment. That started a new phase for him though he  stuck to his first love which is drawing and painting.  Daniel has successfully completed his SS3 school  with an averagely good grade at the (2022 NECO And SSCE Exam). As an autistic child he is no way restricted but supported by his family to develop his God-given talent. Presently, Daniel Okolie is at Redeemed College of Technology (RECTEM) where his passion for Art and Painting is been sharpened for better understanding and performance.

Daniel sure has a voice through his passion which is Music and Art. Moving forward to this day, Daniel had his First Art Exhibition (DNX Creatoon) in conjunction with Pure Soul Learning Foundation and Terra Kulture  from April 2, 2022 (World Autism Awareness Day) till April.10th.2022. which was a bang and eye opener to so many potential locked up in this Young Talent, he was also  presented an award in Creativity and Innovation by Seejoy foundation International (a Non Governmental agency)
This 2nd exhibition will be a collection of Daniel’s best works ranging from abstracts to Animations life painting, and nature paintings as well. His use of colors is unimaginable. Daniel draws straight from memory showing his unique imaginative capacity, he is the only one that understands what he draws. He draws inspiration from his surroundings and anything that attracts his fancy.  His 2nd Exhibition  will be coming up, 2nd April,2023  with the theme “Embracing Arts through the eyes of the Differently Abled” at Terra Kulture Exhibition Centre in Victoria Island Lagos in conjunction with PureSoul Foundation and other Autistic young talents.