Funom Oti Wenyang

FuNom Oti Wenyang was born in August 21st 2000. She is the first of two children of Mr. and Mrs. WeyNom Abner Wenyang. She is from kwoi, Kaduna State. She resides with her parents in Kwoi, in Southern Kaduna. We noticed she could not do a lot of things children of her age could do even at three years.  She could not say her own words but just repeat a word or phase that anyone says. She was finally diagnosed as autistic when she was nine years old.

She went through therapy for about two years in autistic centres as she could not cope with the main stream school. She’s not in school now because of the high cost of the therapy and where she  is living now. Uptil now she can only speak one or few words when prompted.

In 2018, Patrick Speech and Languages Centre Ikeja,an autism centre gave her scholarship to attend their summer school. They saw her artistic talent and adviced that it should be developed as a vocation for her. As part of their support, the  centre selected her this year with other autistic children for their annual Autism Arts Exhibition to exhibit her work. 

She spends her time at home drawing intricate designs with pens  and also painting. She also enjoys cutting and stitching any piece of paper or cloth. She needs more training and therapy to develop these talents for self reliance  in future.