Zizah Obioha Okeugo

Zizah Okeugo, a 14 year old boy diagnosed with autism began sketching and coloring with crayons. His first drawing was a picture of the angry birds from a t-shirt he wore to school at 3 years old.

Limited in speech, Zizah has found expression through art and music. His ability to recall images from memory with high precision replicating them on paper and also playing music by ear has earned him the moniker “eideticboy”His first solo exhibition “eidetic impressions” opened on April 2nd 2021 at Terra Kulture Gallery, Lagos to mark the world autism Awareness month. Since then he has participated in a few exhibitions one of which is the 2021 PARAART TOKYO International Exhibition where he emerged winner in the young category.

His family believe that sharing his art helps to create awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism. Society also gets to see what the differently abled can achieve given the opportunity. Much of Zizah’s inspiration comes from the visual World around him and when he’s not sketching or painting, he loves to swim and experience the world through the lenses of his camera.