Artist: Christine Mike-Nnaji
Size: 30 by 24 inches
Medium: Mixed on Canvas

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About the Artist

Christine Mike-Nnaji, Born in Galway, Ireland, never spoke a word for the first 4 years of her life. But she could rock back and forth to Barney and Friends. Christine returned to Nigeria in 2007 and was diagnosed with autism in 2009. Christine’s parents enrolled her in a special needs school hoping that she will learn to speak, read and write. Christine who had never spoken a word caught on quickly with colors and numeracy and some level of speech. For years, Christine who had been under therapy sketched on old textbooks and loved arts and crafts nothing spectacular until this pandemic – February 2021. When she wasn’t responding to the online
classes, her parents bought sketch pads and found out that she had a photographic
memory and could absorb scenes and pictures and draw what she saw within a couple of hours on paper. When she started drawing on canvases, it was like she’s been drawing for years. Once Christine started painting, she became a different person. It was like an awakening. She came alive with colors, watched movies with the family, engaged in conversations, and discovered she loved painting with Michael Jackson’s songs. She loves high octane sounds. She wants to try make-up artistry, she watches tons of make-up tutorials on YouTube. She has attained 60% speech and loves dancing.


Christine Mike-Nnaji


30 by 24 inches


Mixed on Canvas


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